Frequently Asked Questions

When do the records ship?

Albums ship at the beginning of each month, as soon as your payment processes successfully.  If there's a particular album you want coming up, make sure to subscribe before the 1st of that month to get it!

When do I get billed?

When you sign up, your card is not charged until the 1st of the following month, and that is when you'll be shipped your first LP.  For example, sign up January 10th, first billing and shipment will take place February 1st.  So if you'd like January's album, sign up before January 1st.

Does every plan automatically renew?

Yes :) Each Vinyl Den subscription plan will renew automatically at the time the subscription period finishes.  So after one, three, six, or 12 months, your subscription will renew for another period.  All subscribers will get two renewal notifications, one seven days before it processes, and one two days before, so you have time to make changes if you need to.  Changes can be made in the customer portal (see below on how to manage your account).

For example: if a three-month subscription activates January 1, it will renew for another three months on what would be the fourth month, April 1.

What albums will I get?

You'll get a mix of new Dualtone releases, Dualtone reissues and other great albums not released on Dualtone that we think our subscribers will dig.  Albums are announced at least two weeks in advance via email (once you're a subscriber) and on our social media accounts.  Make sure to follow us here on our website, our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates.

Can I switch an upcoming album for a different one?

If you already own/want to switch the record you'll receive in an upcoming month, email us for instructions on how to proceed.  Please let us know well in advance (before that record's shipment month) if you'd like to switch.

Did you say something about a free LP?

We did! When you sign up, you get TWO records for the price of one -- that month's record and a free LP from our inventory! It's the same freebie for all new subscribers each month (i.e. all new January sign-ups get X album free, all February sign-ups get Y album free, etc.).  We keep this part a surprise, but if when you receive your package you find that you already have the record we gave you for free, email us and we'll work with you on getting something else.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, only for monthly subscriptions.  $15 shipping fee per month for Canada, $25 per month for the rest of the world.  It can take from around 7 to around 14 days for international packages to arrive, depending on destination. 

What if I need to update my billing/shipping address or payment info?

Head to Manage Your Account found in Member Resources below and log in to your portal.  There, you can make changes to any of your account info.  If you've never gone onto the portal before, use the New User link provided on that page.

What if my LP is damaged/warped/scratched or skips?

We advise giving the record a quick cleaning after taking it out of the shrink-wrap and checking your turntable's needle if your record skips or has issues playing.  If the problem persists, please email us for information on the replacement process.  If your record is warped, please include a short video of it playing on the turntable.

Can I give a gift subscription?

Please do! You can give a gift subscription by entering in the recipient's info on the shipping address at checkout.  

Do be advised, though, that all subscriptions automatically renew after their first cycle (3, 6, or 12 months), so you'll probably want to have them edit the payment information if they want to keep on with us (which we hope they do)! 

I love Vinyl Den! How can I help spread the word?

We're so glad you like it! All subscribers can refer people by going to Refer A Friend under Member Resources below and inviting friends via email/Facebook/Twitter.  Subscribers will get a $5 credit on their next invoice for each successful signup they refer!

If you're not a subscriber, you can still spread the word but only existing subscribers will get the $5 credit, so why not sign up? :)

Can I cancel my subscription?

We're sorry to hear you want to cancel.  To do this, log into your customer portal under Manage Your Account, scroll down to the bottom, and hit the Cancel link.  We encourage you to let us know why you're canceling your subscription in the text box provided so we can learn how to make our service work better for you.

More questions/ Need additional customer support?

Email us!