This Month's Edition: Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On...

Take A Listen:

In 2012, the then-mayor of Austin, Texas proclaimed February 9th of that year as Shakey Graves Day.  Since then, Shakey Graves has taken his holiday and used it to release rare pieces of his catalog for 24 hours via Bandcamp in a pay-what-you-want setting.  This past year’s holiday saw an increase to 72 hours, and half of the proceeds were donated to fan-picked charities and programs that would be affected by the current political situation.

Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On (Nobody’s Fool & The Donor Blues EP) is a vinyl-only incarnation of two of those rare pieces; 2012’s The Donor Blues, and 2015’s Nobody’s Fool.  Both of these EP’s were previously only available on Shakey Graves Day in their respective years of release. The Donor Blues, released on the first Shakey Graves Day, features recordings made back in 2009, and Nobody’s Fool consists of b-sides from the And The War Came album recording sessions.

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