November's Edition: Lost At Last Vol. 1


The songs on Langhorne Slim’s newest album, Lost At Last Vol. 1, out November 10, 2017, challenge the idea of social rigidity: the attitude that there’s a “correct” way for us to live and a side we should be on.  He urges the world to see through the idea that by following that path and focusing only on fitting the mold, one will have lived a good life.  He re-interprets the sound of the free-spirited yet vulnerable everyman heard on 2015’s The Spirit Moves and brings forth anew the call for us to abandon “the fold” and re-connect with ourselves and each other.

From the artist:  "It's always appeared clear to me, and perhaps many of you, that we're trained from birth to see things in a particular light - to view certain ways of being as successes or failures. It broke my heart as a kid because I didn't fit that mold and felt trapped, and it continues to confound and enrage me now as a man, because it's so clearly narrow-minded and hopelessly limiting. Attaching one’s identity to the artificial and superficial as opposed to living in amazement, wonder and following our soul's actual calling is a great human tragedy as I see it.  We shield our hearts and ignore our true inner voices to "fit in" and "follow the fold", a path some old men came up with at some point that we follow to our graves. It makes us act instead of feel, which inevitably turns us cold and hard. In doing so, we lose our animal instinct, our natural ability to exist in a far more spiritual realm. There's so much more than meets the eye!  We look to our phones, drugs, sex, whatever to find ourselves when it's already right here."

December's Edition:

Live From Benaroya Hall by Brandi Carlile & The Best of the Dualtone Years by Guy Clark